About Us

Mattick Air has over 35 years combined experience in the commercial & industrial air conditioning and mechanical services field. Building strong collaborative business partnerships is where Mattick Air excel and we pride ourselves on delivering a service that exceeds our client’s expectation.

We have a wide range of capabilities from design, installation & commissioning including retrofits and upgrades to ongoing planned preventative & essential maintenance programs ensuring equipment optimisation and compliance is met.

With comprehensive and streamlined processes we ensure information and service is delivered effectively and efficiently as possible, weather it be at drafting stage, installation, asset management or ensuring your building is operating efficiently as possible and meeting regulatory requirements our team at Mattick Air can be of assistance.

Qualified & Experienced Team

We have a motivated team of qualified technicians that are committed to our clients needs.

Occupational Health & Safety

Ensuring the health and well being of our employees and clients is paramount. Mattick Air implements a certified OHS Management Plan.

24Hrs 7Days a Week

We provide a 24/365 service to all our contracted clients